11/14/2008 Asunder - Corrupted tour

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It's been ages since we've updated this place, so I've struggled to climb out of my hole in the ground and tell you all our semi-current tales.

Since the last update, we have made a deal with Nuclear War Now Productions for the LP release and have decided to press a first run of the cd ourselves.

We are finishing up the layout over the next couple weeks, then it's off to the presses. Anyone interested in helping us distribute the cd version get in touch about wholesale prices or possible trades. LP distribution will be handled by NWN.

If you have been to the sounds section you will find the whole album is temporarily available for download in mp3 format. Hopefully some of you who like the album will be kind enough to pick up an offical copy when it is released. The vinyl version will be a 3 panel gatefold double 220 gram vinyl, with an etching included on one side. The first 200 copies come with some extra art we are still working out for all you collector nerds. Check back and we'll try to keep this thing updated when we know more about the actual release date.

In other news, we are working on completing a couple new songs which are the typical long and boring journeys you've come to expect. We have been talking to fellow doomsters Graves at Sea about recording one of these track for a split ep release, but details are not set in stone. More information will be posted when we figure it out. We hope to have at least one of these songs presentable at upcoming shows in the near future (noted in the shows section) so people who are sick of our old songs may have something to look forward to.

Back to the hole....


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06/24/2003 First off we would really like to thank Todd Meister for helping us put this page together and hosting the space. A doomed salute to you!

Now for the news: We've just finished up a long a tiring weekend mixing our first full legth album recorded and mixed with Billy Anderson (Sleep, Neurosis, High on Fire, Cathedral, Melvins etc.) and the end result is even more crushing than we were hoping for. We still have a bit of work to do on editing and finding a label to release this beast (if interested please contact us immediately!) but for the moment we've got a less heavy version of two songs from the rough mix available for download in the sounds section.

In the meantime we've taken a bit of a hiatus from playing gigs while we are working on new material. Hopefully we'll have something ready in late august when we resume live shows. Look for us locally opening the Doomination of North America tour (Morgion, Orodruin, The Prophecy, Mourning Beloveth) at the san francisco show . After that we're on our first "tour" to play the Stoner Hands of Doom fest in Portland the last weekend of August. I say "tour" cause as of yet we only have that show booked. If you are interested in helping us set up any other gigs please be in contact. More information on these gigs is in the shows section.

Keep checking back as were still under construction will be updating

06/19/2003 From John...

I want to apologise to anyone who came out to see Asunder Sunday. We were mixing our album this weekend and had a bunch of problems and had to make a choice whether to finish the album, or play.

Basically due to the cost fo the recording and the difficulty in booking time we had to choose to cancel.

04/22/2003 This is the new Asunder site. For more information about Asunder, see the biography page. There isn't much here, yet, but the site will soon include news about upcoming releases and shows, a more complete discography, sound samples (including web-only releases), and etc..
-the Webmaster